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About the Project

The Region of Waterloo rapid transit system will connect the three major urban centres of the Cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo.

Stage 1 of the rapid transit system consists of:

  • Light rail transit (LRT) between Conestoga Mall in the City of Waterloo and Fairview Park Mall in the City of Kitchener (19 km),
  • Bus rapid transit (BRT) between Fairview Park Mall in the City of Kitchener and the Ainslie Street Terminal in the City of Cambridge (17 km), and
  • 22 stops along the 36 km transit corridor.

Rapid transit is a public transportation system operating mainly on a dedicated rapidway. By operating separately from traffic, rapid transit is a more efficient, reliable, comfortable, convenient, and effective way to travel.

LRT features electric trains running along tracks on a rapidway separate from regular traffic.

BRT includes buses driving in regular traffic, but given special features to make them faster, consistent and convenient. These features include:

  • frequent service ;
  • limited stops ;
  • pre-boarding fares ;
  • signal priority ;
  • queue jumping ;
  • bus by-pass shoulders ;
  • bicycle and pedestrian amenities ; and
  • passenger information systems.

For more information about the rapid transit project visit our Maps to see the project route, History to see where we've been, and Next Steps to see where we're going.


Stage 2 Information

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