New by-law includes no stopping on the LRT tracks

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2017

January 05, 2017

Waterloo Region – New changes to the Region of Waterloo’s Traffic and Parking by-law includes no stopping on the light rail transit (LRT) tracks. The new by-law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

The new by-law means that any vehicle stopped or parked anywhere along the LRT route will be fined or towed at the owner’s expense. The LRT tracks are reserved for light rail vehicles and construction or maintenance vehicles only.

“It’s important to create good habits in advance of the start of service,” said Councillor Tom Galloway, Chair of the Region of Waterloo’s Planning and Works Committee. “These changes are intended to ensure the safety of all residents. Keeping vehicles off the tracks allows GrandLinq to complete their work in a timely fashion and will be critical once testing of the light rail vehicles begin.”

While LRT construction is nearing completion, with the majority of roads re-opened in 2016, GrandLinq does require full and unobstructed access to the LRT tracks to complete their remaining work, including stringing the overhead catenary system that powers the train.

The ION light rail transit service is expected to launch in early-2018.



For more information please contact:

Bob Henderson, Manager, Transportation Engineering, 519-575-4515 or

Scott McNair, Coordinator, Communications & Community Relations, ION, 519-575-4757, ext. 3873 or 

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