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The first ION train has arrived!

ION Tracker

 February 24: The ION train has arrived at the

Region's Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility!

Our first ION train being loaded for shipping in Thunder Bay




When the ION trains arrive, we will begin testing. Here's how to stay safe around ION trains:

  • Obey signage
    • Some intersections have been modified, please pay attention to and follow any new restrictions and signage
  • Stay off the tracks
    • Tracks are for trains. Never stop or park anywhere on the LRT tracks. Any vehicle stopped or parked on the LRT tracks will be ticketed or towed.
  • Stay alert
    • ION trains run on electricity and may not always be heard against typical street noise. Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists should treat ION trains with the same caution as any other vehicle. Always cross at designated crossings and stay alert by not being distracted by mobile devices or headphones.

We look forward to launching ION in 2018 and we appreciate your cooperation and support while we test the ION light rail system. 

The signs below have been installed across the Region, please get to know them and obey all new signage and signals.

Cyclists, watch for tracks ahead

Yellow diamond sign with symbol for railway tracks crossing road

Track beside roadway

Do not stop on tracks


Keep off tracks

Lane reserved for train

Look both ways for trains

No right turn, illuminates when train is approaching an intersection

No left turn, illuminates when train is approaching an intersection


Light rail vehicle traffic signal
Learn more about LRV signals










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